Celebration Difinitive Masters

Title Primary Show Secondary Show Cds Catalog # Matrix Order Notes Packaging
Bonzo's Birthday Presents 5/31/1973 1 CDM-001 SOBO-001 sb jewel case
Final Cut Knebworth 1979 8/11/1979 3 CDM-002LTD SOBO-002/3/4 sb slip around jewel
Song of Detroit 7/13/1973 5/26/1973 2 CDM-005LTD SOBO-005/6 sb slimline jewel
Odysseus 5/24/1975 4 CDM-004LTD SOBO-007/8/9/10 sb slip around jewel
Coast To Coast 6/11/1977 7/17/1977 1 SOBO-013 SOBO-013 sb jewel case
Lost Masters Knebworth '79 8/4/1979 8/11/1979 1 CDM-007LTD SOBO-014 sb slip around jewel
Royal Albert Hall 1970 1/9/1970 1 SOBO-015 SOBO-015 sb sleeve + VHS
Earl's Court '75 Final Court 5/25/1975 1 SOBO-019 SOBO-019 sb jewel case + 2VHS 5/24/75
Lost Masters Knebworth '79 (remaster edition) 8/4/1979 8/11/1979 1 CDM-007RE SOBO-020 sb jewel case
Two Nights 5/16/1973 5/25/1973 2 SOBO-021/22 SOBO-021/22 sb jewel case
Unidentified Live 5/26/1973 1 SOBO-023 SOBO-023 sb jewel case
All That Glitters is Gold Headley Grange Bombay 2 CSM-001 A/B CSM-001A/B sb jewel case
Alternative Graffiti Headley Grange 2 CSM-002 A/B CMS-002A/B sb jewel case

Celebration debuted in late 1999 with an unknown soundboard recording. This label only issues recordings from the soundboard. It's twin label, "Electric Magic," only issues recordings from the audience.