Magnificent Disc

Title Primary Show Cds Catalog # Notes Released
Headliner 10/30/1969 1 MD-6901 jewelcase 2001
Memphis Underground 4/17/1970 2 MD-7001 A/B slimline jewelcase 2002, November
Born To Be Wild 6/22/1972 2 MD-7201 A/B slimline jewelcase 2002, December
Amsterdam Warmup 5/27/1972 2 MD-7202 A/B slimline jewelcase 2003, January
Good Evening Seattle 3/21/1975 4 MD-7501 A/B/C/D jewelcase 2003, March
Boston Garden Party 9/6/1971 2 MD-7101 A/B jewelcase 2003, July
California Stampede 9/13/1971 2 MD-7102 A/B jewelcase 2003, August

Magnificent Disc is a Japanese label that made it's start by issuing cdrs. In a market only producing premium priced titles, news of this non-premium label going silver interested many. However, the label has proved to be a total waste. With the exception of "Boston Garden Party," they have chosen to release shows that have been previously released a minimum of twice eash and do not posses any redeeming features. ALL of their releases contain the very familiar "metallic" sound in the backround to some degree. Memphis overflows with the horrible sound. The next three are toned down considerably but still there is no excuse for adding the annoying sound.
These are far from being magnificent discs.